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Public Liability Insurance

Insurance protects you if others get hurt

Liability insurance protects an individual or business from the risk of being held liable for incidents such as injury, negligence, arising out in their premises or outside while at work. Typically, liability insurance is of 4 types; Public, Product, Professional and Employees.

Public Liability insurance covers the business owner people from third-party liabilities such as physical injury or damage to the property arising out of negligence or accident as a result of your business activity.

The policy coverage is also extended to cover the legal expenses involved in accidental damage or loss whereby the court may award a large sum arising out of liabilities, pollution, and transportation risk.

However, this type of insurance covers claims made by the third parties and not your own employees. Although it may seem unnecessary, it is advisable to have such insurance since accidents do happen and the cost of public liability claims can be incredibly costly despite not being your fault.