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Critical Illness Insurance

Cover yourself from unexpected financial burdens

Life takes a sudden change. Today you’re happy, tomorrow you may be stressful due to various reasons causing serious ailments such as cancer, heart attack, and stroke or kidney failure.

In this situation of a long illness that doesn’t let you get back to work, you rely only on your current savings. However, as the financial burden increases, instead of continuing with bed rest, you force yourself to resume work leading to even more critical health issues.

In many situations, not only you lose your income but even end up paying for your medical bills, too which are not covered under health insurance.

It is therefore vital that you bridge the gap and fill the holes of medical bills, get paid for the loss of income in cash and have a peace of mind while you recover from such a critical health issue.  

Omega insurance has a specialized team to advise you on the critical illness policy and help you from dismal consequences that you may have to face in case you’re unable to protect your steam of income.

Therefore, wait no more and contact our experts who can guide you in protecting your future.