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Employer's Liability Insurance

Protect your interest as your liabilities grow

Employer’s Liability protects the employers against liabilities arising out from injury or illness of an employee that happened at the workplace during working hours and is not covered by Workmen’s Compensation.

Along with the growth of an organization comes in the expansion of its team. More employees mean additional responsibility and more risks. Therefore, it makes a perfect sense not to take chances and secure your business from such unexpected financial losses in case any employee gets work-related injury or sickness.

We can assist your organization in anticipation of the risk that may be associated with the consistent growth in the employees.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Seek cover from an unexpected professional negligence

Professional Indemnity Liability insurance covers the insured against a liability arising out of innocent professional ignorance.

There may be many cases whereby a professional would unwillingly cause damage to the client leading to the lawsuit on his professional services. Such negligence can lead the organizations into a legal lawsuit for the breach of their professional duty.

Therefore, professional indemnity insurance protects the insurer against such negligence arising out of the professional duties carried out in the organizations of the clients or otherwise.

At Omega, we can tailor solutions to suit your industry and businesses thereby providing financial protection and ensuring peace of mind. The industries that are vulnerable to negligence and are advised to have professional indemnity insurance including but not limited to Auditors, Consultants, Lawyers, Engineers, Architects, Doctors, IT software and Hardware companies.

Medical Malpractice

Negligence can turn around your profession unless covered

Medical Malpractice is ideal for professional establishments in the field of medical and allied healthcare and protects physicians and other licensed healthcare professionals from liabilities associated with wrongful practices or negligence on the part of the physician that result in bodily injury to the patient.

Such an insurance policy is advisable for the medical doctors since medical negligence happens during diagnosis or treatment of the patient either during or after the illness. This insurance covers the doctors in case the patient dies in the hospital or gets the wrong treatment.

With the help of Omega’s experienced consultants, you are assured of seeking the appropriate policy that secures you from unexpected losses and ensures your peace of mind at all times.  

Public Liability Insurance

Insurance protects you if others get hurt

Liability insurance protects an individual or business from the risk of being held liable for incidents such as injury, negligence, arising out in their premises or outside while at work. Typically, liability insurance is of 4 types; Public, Product, Professional and Employees.

Public Liability insurance covers the business owner people from third-party liabilities such as physical injury or damage to the property arising out of negligence or accident as a result of your business activity.

The policy coverage is also extended to cover the legal expenses involved in accidental damage or loss whereby the court may award a large sum arising out of liabilities, pollution, and transportation risk.

However, this type of insurance covers claims made by the third parties and not your own employees. Although it may seem unnecessary, it is advisable to have such insurance since accidents do happen and the cost of public liability claims can be incredibly costly despite not being your fault.

Product Liability

Stay protected from unexpected injuries caused by your products

Product Liability insurance covers a manufacturer or seller or any other party that makes the products available to the consumers against a defective product which is sold and it causes any injury to the latter. Such an insurance protects them against lawsuit arising from injury or death caused by their products.

A manufacturer would always want to meet the basic quality standards and not sell a defective product that may cause an injury to its customer.

However, there may be such cases whereby a defective product went unnoticed, got packed and a customer purchased it, which later lead to an injury upon using the same.

Having such insurance can protect a manufacturer from a legal lawsuit since there is always a possibility of a manufacturing defect in a product and a consumer getting injured.

A typical insurance includes the manufacturer of components, wholesaler, retailer, distributor, and other middlemen.  

Workmens Compensation

Protect the health and safety of your workers

This type of insurance is designed to help insure employers against any grievances filed by employees regarding employee benefit plan and are directly related to the management.

There are various categories that are included in this insurance:

Workmen’s compensation

Workmen’s compensation provides cover for the employees against sickness, illness, injury or accidental death resulting from performing the duties at the job. The insurance coverage includes medical expenses, loss of wages due to sickness or death of an employee and the reimbursements are made as per the labor laws.

Health and safety of workers are on top of the agenda in the country. Therefore, by having such insurance, the employer can secure himself from an unexpected financial loss resulting from the death of an employee during the office hours. At times the compensation to be paid to the employee can be a huge amount and may cost dear to the employer.

We can assist businesses in finding the most appropriate workmen’s compensation insurance which is cost-effective as well as provides comprehensive coverage of the employees.