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Group Travel Insurance

Seek protection when your team travels frequently

Group Travel Insurance makes a good sense for the business to secure their employees against all travel related hiccups such as loss of baggage or passport, death, theft, delay or missed flights, and so much more.

Apart from the above, it also covers trip cancellation, trip interruption, evacuation coverage, emergency medical coverage, and missed flight connection.

Opting for a group insurance is helpful since you avoid a lot of paperwork and get the policy at a discounted price.  

Omega specializes in offering group travel insurance to small and large organizations and help them get a cost-effective cover.

Group Personal Accidents

Secure financial losses incurred by accidents

Group Personal Accident cover is ideal for business owners who wish to insure their employees against accidental death, injury or disablement due to an accident during the length of their employment.  

Employees are the source of revenues and growth of the business. Yet many businesses ignore this important aspect – accidental cover for their employees and some regret later.

The group accident policy cover injuries to the staff and the employer reserve the choice to distribute the payable amount in case there is a claim.

Group Medical Insurance

A medical cover for all your employees

Group medical insurance is ideal for organizations that wish to offer healthcare coverage to its employees and their families as one of the benefits. In fact, the majority of employees count on their employers for health insurance amongst other compensation packages.

However, choosing the most appropriate cover may be a challenging task as designing such coverage would involve many factors such as the financials, network, demographics, the size of the workforce and the area where most of them reside.

To determine such a policy would require integration of the above factors based upon which the network of clinics and hospitals can be defined. The cost of insurance changes drastically based upon the type of network and therefore, an expert’s guidance can help you save unexpected financial implications that may arise out of making the wrong choices.

As Omega, we can tailor an appropriate group medical insurance plan for you that is well within the budget and yet offers a good cover to your employees.

Workmen's Compensation

Protect the health and safety of your workers

This type of insurance is designed to help insure employers against any grievances filed by employees regarding employee benefit plan and are directly related to the management.

There are various categories that are included in this insurance:

Workmen’s compensation

Workmen’s compensation provides cover for the employees against sickness, illness, injury or accidental death resulting from performing the duties at the job. The insurance coverage includes medical expenses, loss of wages due to sickness or death of an employee and the reimbursements are made as per the labor laws.

Health and safety of workers are on top of the agenda in the country. Therefore, by having such insurance, the employer can secure himself from an unexpected financial loss resulting from the death of an employee during the office hours. At times the compensation to be paid to the employee can be a huge amount and may cost dear to the employer.

We can assist businesses in finding the most appropriate workmen’s compensation insurance which is cost-effective as well as provides comprehensive coverage of the employees. 

Group Life Insurance

A cost-effective cover for all your employees

Group Life is ideal for companies that wish to insure their employees against accidental death or permanent total or partial disability due to an accident at the workplace.

It is beneficial for the employer to provide such a cover to the entire staff and has various benefits over individual insurance.

Unlike an individual life insurance where one might get rejected, group life coverage usually can be considered as easy to qualify. In this case, the premium covers the group as a whole and therefore has the potential to get guaranteed insurance cover with no medical questions.

Such coverage can become part of the benefits package offered to the employees at no extra cost yet doesn’t cost the employer a hefty amount.